Plan and hold DACCTE Council meetings to review and analyze pertinent issues and identify initiatives that the Council will pursue to strengthen the vocational-technical education delivery system and to conduct other official DACCTE business.


Conduct on-site evaluations of career and technical education programs and other School-To-Work and Tech Prep initiatives in secondary and postsecondary schools to determine their compliance with state and federal policy and standards.


Collaborate with the Office of the State Auditor of Accounts in order to establish procedures to be used in monitoring Senate Bill #385.


Develop and disseminate periodic evaluation reports that include recommendations to strengthen and enhance the career and technical education delivery system.


Provide technical and financial assistance to gather relevant data on students graduating from Delaware public high schools by participating as active members of the Graduate Follow-up Consortium.


Meet and communicate with the Secretary of Education, State Board of Education or their designees to provide input on the development of the State Plan for Career and Technical Education and any amendments to the Plan.


Recommend specific policy for career and technical education to be included in the K-12 State Policy Handbook.